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Internal Medicine Residency - Program Information 

The goal of this program is to train competent and compassionate physicians for the future of healthcare that is going through a rapid transformation. Our program allows each resident to accomplish his/her career goals. While our program offers the flexibility to achieve individual goals, it also allows the residents to acquire the depth of knowledge and experience required to successfully pass the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) certifying examination.

An energetic and enthusiastic faculty is committed to your education. Our program is based on the educational requirements of a generalist physician. It also incorporates the essential tools of Internal Medicine needed to prepare you for fellowship training as evidenced by the success of our graduating residents joining some of the best fellowship programs throughout the country.

There are several reasons to choose the Sinai-Grace IM program. With its diverse patient base and state-of-the-art facility, the Internal Medicine residency program at Sinai-Grace provides a superior learning environment. All subspecialties of internal medicine are represented and full-time faculty is available to assist residents’ clinical decision making, career planning, and individual counseling. 

At Sinai-Grace, we have an “open door” policy for our residents, and we pride ourselves about our spirit of camaraderie.  We strongly believe this fosters professional as well as personal growth and development for our residents.

Residents gain great independence under the direct supervision of our full-time faculty and practicing private physicians with plenty of hands-on experience. This allows them to gain tremendous confidence in diagnosing and managing complex patients with multiple comorbid conditions.

Our training program puts education first. Residents admit a limited number of patients to allow ample time to learn from each case and the recurrence, and he followed the resident review committee’s rules regarding duty hours, conference attendants, and days off.

At Sinai Grace, you will find:

• Respected, seasoned  faculty with years of clinical and academic experience

• A diverse, urban and suburban patient population

• Strong local national research opportunities

• Strong resident performance on the national Board examination

• Full electronic medical records both on the inpatient and outpatient settings

• Excellent research opportunities including a full-time director of research dedicated to our residents scholarly activities.

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